Homestay for Students

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in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Homestay in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Homestay includes:

  • a safe, clean and comfortable home
  • a private bedroom and study area
  • three healthy meals a day
  • access to laundry facilities, telephone and television
  • convenient bus service
  • a learning environment
  • a kind and caring family offering real and practical ESL instruction
  • counseling and support while adjusting to Canadian culture
  • regular monitoring by a Homestay Coordinator

Homestay Placement Fees

Placement fee: C$225


  • pick-up from the airport, bus depot or train station
  • a complimentary Homestay guide book
  • two complimentary bus tickets
  • tour information, city tour and orientation
  • ongoing student and counseling services

Homestay Fees

Monthly Rate: C$720 (C$920 if under 18 years old)

*Prices are subject to change, confirmation is advised at time of payment.

Homestay Terms & Conditions

  • 30 days advanced notice is requested for homestay.
  • Placement fee & first four months Homestay fees are payable at time of application. (placement fee is non-refundable)
  • All homestay fees are payable to Polar Trails Inc. only, not the homestay family or the school.
  • Homestay Fees are due one month prior to the monthly anniversary arrival date.
  • Homestay information will be forwarded as soon as placement is determined.
  • Homestay students enrolled in classes for four or more months are strongly encouraged to stay in homestay for at least the first four months. If students choose to leave the homestay program prior to the end of their first four months there will be no refunds granted.
  • One month notice must be given when a student decides to leave their homestay.
  • Students are not permitted to drive, own or operate an automobile while staying in Homestay.
  • Family information is confidential and must not be provided to other parties without the consent of Polar Trails Inc.
  • Homestay guests must provide proof of medical insurance coverage prior to homestay placement.
  • Students must be enrolled and actively attending full time classes.
  • Custodianship students under 18 years of age are required to remain in the Homestay program and are not permitted to live elsewhere until after their 18th birthday.
  • Students must provide copies of their student visa, passport and LOA (letter of acceptance) prior to arrival or when available.
  • If students decide to travel during their time in homestay there will be no reduction in homestay fees for travel periods less than one month.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in removal from the Homestay program and students being sent back home.
  • We do not accept student arrivals on Dec 24 or 25th
  • Refunds may be issued to those students with proof of denied visa application. Note: Placement fee, bank and courier fees are not refundable.

Student Support Services

Student Application

Students are assisted with completing applications regarding the custodianship/guardian approval process.

Airport Pick-up

Our courteous staff greet students upon arrival and make necessary transportation arrangements from the airport, bus & train stations to the selected host family residence.

Homestay Family Placement

Short-term and long-term homestay options are available offering students a flexible learning experience. Host families are carefully screened according to the student’s needs.

Quality Control & Program Monitoring

Our Homestay team consisting of Homestay family and Coordinator work together at providing the best learning environment possible by monitoring student performance, English only policies, and instructional techniques on an ongoing basis.

Emergency Assistance

No matter how carefully a student plans their stay in Canada unexpected emergencies can occur. We are available to assist with alternative planning 24/7.

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